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I’m sorry but there is no denying that Christi is the one using the fame the most to her advantage, Chloe seems to be going all over the country and is constantly doing photoshoots and other things. I know this can be both good and bad but it feels like Christi is taking advantage of the fact that the fans love Chloe. I’ve met some of my biggest idols (yes they’re English so therefore less famous) for free but Christi is charging an awful lot given that Chloe is so young and seems incredibly shy in interviews and things.

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    where did you hear that from?
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    christi = busted
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    Yeh I know. Christi has also won mom of the week the most so the amount of money she’s won just from that is ridiculous,...
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    you know the sit in in the aldc parking lot a couple episodes ago? that had nothing to do with kelly. they wanted more...
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